In life we go through multiple difficulties, whether brought on by ourselves or by others. Some of these difficulties cause us pain.

The negative aspect of pain, whether physical or emotional, is known by all. However, the positive thing about pain is the lesson(s) we take from it. Trust me, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, if you’re willing to take a step back when something bad happens and think of what to and not to do if the instance occurs again.

One must not stop thinking and finding lessons around their experiences; however, one must stop themselves from thinking too much and going over-board with the end result. There is a limit to everything, even thinking.

If you don’t allow yourself to assess the situation and change your mentality on it, reasonably, you will just become more miserable and/or upset and it will create a domino-effect towards those surrounding you. And no one needs that.

We, as a species, need to gain the internal strength to resolve our own mental issues and realisations without bringing more negativity onto each other. I know it sounds cliche, but we do really need to make this a better place amongst ourselves, as we currently are becoming very disrespectful towards each other. Purely selfish beings. Even animals treat each other with more respect than in the downfall of people’s’ behaviour that I’ve seen in the last 20 or so years.

…but I digress.

Stay positive, people. Life is really not that bad. Sure we have our ups and downs. It’s to be expected, but it’s what we take from our experiences and how we move forward that’s the most important.

So, stop and smell the roses when someone gets you down and, most importantly, always smile.

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