What a brilliantly made film.

I was finally able to get my hands on a digital copy one of the latest films from the Batman franchise, “Joker”, and was very excited to see it.  Being a long-time fan of DC Comics and the Batman series, even at their cinematic lows in the late 1990’s when Arnold Schwarzenegger was Mr. Freeze, I will never stop watching each time a new film comes out.  The “Joker” just had to be seen.

I admit that I initially delayed seeing this film, due to the mixed critics’ interesting and/or questionable reviews released regarding either Joaquin Phoenix’s performance as well as rumors of the film’s utter removal of the original Joker story line.  I know, purists are purists.

After seeing this cinematic masterpiece, I was put back in thought.  Aside from obviously straying a bit from the original origins story of the Joker character (which, to be honest, has had a bit a variance throughout the years regardless), one has to appreciate the humanistic component that this film brings to the audience.  Director Todd Phillips took the Joker’s character into a new direction that is more relatable to the common man and, sadly, very possible to occur within the realms of human existence.  The film masterfully shows the twist of the dystopian world known as Gotham around the neck of the mentally ill Arthur Fleck (aka. Joker), slowly turning Arthur into the Joker character we all know.

The Joker’s iconic laugh remained true in the film (and still creepy as ever); however, it was warped into a sort of Tourettes Syndrome: An irreparable condition to his character and at times the cause of the terrors that fell upon him from the cruel, outside world.  Joaquin couldn’t have performed this role better.

And the cinematography!  Cinematographer Lawrence Sher really immerses you into each scene, almost to the point of feeling the way the Joker is feeling in that exact moment.  The intensity was incredible.

If you have yet to watch this film, I highly recommend it!


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