This is amazingly accurate and I also have been wondering this myself about some of my friends and family members…

James Michael Sama

I feel there are many things we can learn from having a pet. I have always been a dog person myself. My family has a beautiful English Labrador named Logan. Just like everyone else’s dog is to them, he is the “cutest, best dog in the world.”

But more than companionship, Logan can teach us many things. For one, even if you walk outside for 5 minutes, everyone with a dog knows that when you come back in it’s like you’ve been gone for years. How great would the world be if we were always this excited to see other humans?


Another thing that can be said about pets, is that they are creatures of habit (ironically, they only are because we are – they get their habits from our routines). Logan loves to “wave” to people when they leave the house. If you’ve gone outside to your car he…

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