With ever-shifting, Western culture changes and further acceptance on homosexuality in recent decades, I never know if a couple with a much younger person, present on the arm, seen at restaurants and the like, are father/daughter, mother/son, mother/daughter, father/son, or lovers…

Even going out with either of my parents solo, people come up to them and say – Good Job! or Way to go! (Which is fine, as it’s flattering to both my present parent and myself). However, it’s funny how times have changed. When I was a teenager, this would not fly in the general public and people often assumed my parent was who they looked to be. Rarely would this be questioned, except in the more obvious of cases – during which that couple would usually get glares from some of the surrounding customers.

But now the world is more our oyster and people are dating well out of their age-range and/or sex more openly. Although, I still play the guessing game when I go out, either with myself, a friend, or the bartender.

It may be silly, but it’s fun to find out which of the cases it may be when sitting at a bar. (One of the many people-watching bar games I play in my head.) And there is no judgement placed towards anyone. It’s just pure human curiosity. (And sometimes a – ‘Good job!’ spoken from my own mouth.)

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