Come, walk into Mediterranean Europe at Kazbar in Oxford.

If you are Italian/Spanish and are visiting Oxford, with little to zero knowledge of the English language, this is the place to be understood.

Otherwise, even for the native English speakers, it’s still a fantastic place to go mingle & eat! Or even to go out for a romantic dinner. The mood lighting and ambiance in this establishment are perfect for this. I make sure to come here to eat at least once every time I come to Oxford.

Kazbar Oxford - ESO

This Tapas bar has fun/unique music playing from various parts of the world, which will make you thump your feet to the rhythm sounding above.

The owner is a lovely man that you may even meet during your stay at this locale. This man definitely knows how to run a business (owning other locations nearby), as they are always busy and well staffed.

Speaking of staff, once you are greeted with a Spanish welcome, they immediately tend to your needs (whether it’s to sit in the main dining room, the lounge tables/couches, or simply at the bar). And always are in the best of moods. If you will be sitting in the dark, romantic dining area and no one is at the host desk upon your arrival – not to worry! – the bar staff make use of a cow bell to beckon someone to take you to your table. And do they come quick!

And the food…
I have been coming here for over six months now, once a month, and the food has never failed. I make sure to try something different every time I go and it’s well worth it. Even if you are not the adventurous type, you will find something on this menu you will surely like. And, as they are after all tapas (small plates), be prepared to order 2-4 dishes per person, as one will surely not suffice – unless you only want a small bite while you drink.

I also come here for the wine.
As wine is not the primary drink of choice in the UK, if you are a wine drinker like me, then you will find good, Spanish wines here. There is quite a selection. The post-dinner drinks selection is quite good as well.

Kazbar Oxford - ESO

So nice, I had to try it twice.

For Kazbar’s website and more information:
Kazbar, Oxford, UK

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