I know every woman is devoted to their hair stylist, once they have gone through the extensive and sometimes grueling process to find the right one, and usually don’t like change,  but have I found one for you, who straightens hair without formaldehyde!

Peter Regan hairdressing (http://www.peter-regan.co.uk/) on 255 Deansgate in Manchester, UK city centre is the place to be for non-formaldehyde treatment.


I honestly stumbled upon this salon, as I walked past it almost every single day when in this city and never thought of going in, as I have devotion to my primary salon.  However, one day I had straightened my usually crazy curly/wavy hair at home and the Manchester weather destroyed it the moment I set foot outside.  I had a date that night, so it needed to be rectified immediately and the closest, available salon was Peter Regan’s.  I walked-in and was asked to come back in 10 minutes, which was perfectly fine, especially since Mr. Regan was the only one working at the salon that day.  When I came back, Mr. Regan sat me down and explained to me his revolutionary treatment.  I just had to try it out.  I immediately said yes and proceeded with the temporary treatment (also offered).  Even with the tempestuous weather, my hair remained straight and mostly frizz-free for a week! (which, trust me, never happens)  And to think – this was just a temporary treatment!

Some hairdressers either do not know or pass off to their customers the fact that 99% of the straightening products out there at the moment have formaldehyde within them (even if not stated clearly on the bottle’s ingredients label).

Regan instead has spent around 3 years working with chemists and the like to create the first non-formaldehyde straightening treatment in the world (StyleSmooth Keratin Treatment).  However, his salon is small and cannot be well-marketed at present, as could the larger salons, such as Vidal Sassoon, Jean Louis David, Toni & Guy, etc.  This is unfortunate, as his dream treatment needs to be put out there and needs to be passed on to the world.


Regan’s revolutionary StyleSmooth treatment (http://www.stylesmooth.co.uk/) is the only product available  that can be used to straighten, smooth, curl and style the hair.  Unlike the well-known Brazilian treatments, StyleSmooth works instantly and can be used either in-salon or at home (sale of bottles in-salon, but are never pushed to purchase them). Each 250ml bottle of StyleSmooth Keratin Smoothing Treatment could last up to 9 months, when used weekly, depending on hair length and thickness.  Whether you style your hair with curls, waves, or wear it straight, your style will stay that way for a longer period of time and frizz will be controlled.

Dscf0030I highly recommend this salon for these needs.  Let’s assist Mr. Regan in promoting this wonder product!

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After trying the “permanent” treatment (which is to last 6 months or so), I do not recommend this treatment. The long-term product burnt/ruined my hair and had a very strange effect on the colour already on my hair, causing it to look like straw & the colour was very dull. It may still work on never treated/coloured hair, but what woman nowadays doesn’t do something to their hair…?! 

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