Being in my 30’s, I have shockingly just begun looking into foundation, as per suggestion of a make-up artist (due to some small age spots and my naturally dark circled eyes noted when I went to buy a moisturiser).  Even knowing that most make-up artists are there for the sale – I had no idea where to start or whether I even wanted to begin using something on my face other than moisturiser and maybe some blush and/or eye liner/mascara for nights out.

Then I discovered an application call Facetune, while exploring through my new iPhone 5 for the first time.


It’s like a cheaper, easier, and mobile version of Photoshop.  Not only does this app literally tune your face in fotos by smoothing and patching things up (using small snapshots of other areas nearby on your skin, to maintain the same pigment), stretching out, or thinning your face, but you can also crop the foto, whiten your teeth, tame red eye, change the tone, defocus your foto, apply filters, and add frames.

It’s perfect for not-so-perfect fotos of yourself or your friends.  Solves the issue of using foundation for photography.  For more info, check out their website:  http://www.facetuneapp.com/  or simply look it up in your iTunes Store.

Now, the question is whether you would prefer putting an extra layer of makeup on to look already Facetuned in public and in fotos OR are comfortable enough to go out naturally (or with just some mascara) and Facetune later solely for keepsake.

It also depends on the occasion.  Black-Tie event: Foundation may be okay or a good thing.  Grocery shopping: Probably not needed.

Verdict: I will ask an expert on which one to buy for my skin (since apparently now you have so many kinds that you can match your pigment, test it there on the spot in stores, once you’ve selected a brand name), but it will take a lot to get me to use it for more than for special occasions and will stick to Facetune for every day fotos.  I’m just too used to living without foundation.  Skin needs to be able to breathe.

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