I just watched Elysium, starring Matt Damon, for the first time on rental and it was not exactly what the adverts previously led you to believe, but if you simply want to be entertained – you should see this movie.  When I first saw the preview for this film in theatres, I was awed and extremely excited to see it.  However, as I was unable to see it in theatre, I watched it on my flat-screen TV at home (definitely smaller than the big screen, but still good quality LG).

I was shocked when going through my online rental list to see that this movie is only 110 minutes long.  Not even 2 hours.  Most films now-a-days are up to 3-4 hours in length, depending on amount of CGI used, etc.  Honestly, I am now glad it didn’t last longer.  It was the right amount of time for this film.  It wasn’t bad.  Indeed it was entertaining and got me hooked at times, but if it went any longer they would just be filling in useless gaps and make the film boring.  Good call, guys.

As for the actors, I have seen Mr. Damon act better in other films.  It wasn’t his best work, but he still managed to kick some butt in the film and that’s always entertaining.  Plus, in a space-themed action film, you have to expect it.  Some of the cinematography during the fight scenes, especially nearing the end, were done well in my opinion and some newer techniques were used (such as spinning around fights in a quick, but smooth motion, with clear-cut shots – hard to describe it – just have to see it for yourself).

Jodie Foster’s character was not involved as much as one’s led to believe or would like, but she’s a bad-ass nonetheless.

The plot is an interesting and possible one, but there were some flaws.  I can’t share without spoilers, so I won’t (as I know how that can be).  Although, the ideas behind this film have been thrown around in our real lives for years, especially with severe weather changes due to our pollution on Earth, nuclear/chemical wars/threats, etc. being amidst many of our current issues and are progressively getting worse or closer at hand. I am particularly thinking of the idea of living in space and leaving Earth.  Well, we are already planning on building camps for people to live in on Mars soon!  Now, the idea that we would separate the rich from the poor (meaning leaving the poor on Earth), is a sad one, but one would hope that in a time of total evacuation from Earth things won’t end up this way.  I know, it’s just a movie, but it sure does make you think. This film magnifies the essence of greed as well as hope within human existence.

Would I see again?  Yes.  Would I buy it? Probably not.

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