Another year has come and gone.

With the coming of the new 2018 year, we all are having a moment of reflection and the need for betterment; not only of our own self, but of what is around us as well. With the accompaniment of the Super Full Moon energies on the 1st of January, it was a time for a major push in the right direction, if you should be fortunate enough to see it ahead or feel the need for change in your life at the time.

Most of us bring in the New Year with laughter, joy, and promises of a happier year ahead. For those of you, like me, who did not have the luxury of this positive entry into the New Year and to what had seemed at the time to be a negative way to bring in the 2018 year; it is the realization that this negativity was a necessary evil in order to achieve a proper new beginning in 2018 that brings feelings of hope and motivation.

With the negativity behind you and this lunar pull in the right direction in front of you, one is more inclined to seek other things that make them happy and proceed to betterment in their mind, body, and environment.

Stay positive everyone and seek happiness! 2017 is over and 2018 seems bright and promising!

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