Is the grass truly greener on the other side?
Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris shows us, through a magical journey, that it is not, necessarily.

The time traveling idea is a nice one and just slightly strays from Allen’s norm. However, the dialogue is purely Woody and that’s another reason why we love this film, amongst all his others. Even if you don’t normally enjoy Allen’s dry humour, I think you will enjoy this particular film.

For those who do not know this film, it’s based on a screenwriter who travels to Paris with his fiancé and her family and stumbles upon a portal of sorts to travel back to the Bohemian 1920’s, returning every night at midnight to do so – Meeting Hemingway, Porter, Fitzgerald, Dalí, Picasso, and the like during his journeys.

An all star cast, directed beautifully.

And, out of the 5 Oscar nominations in 2012, Allen received 2 wins – one for Best Writing and the other, Original Screenplay.

The main character in this story, Gil (played by Owen Wilson), is a screenwriter who is basically unhappy, has writer’s block, and is unconsciously seeking a better world/life. His fiancé, Inez (Rachel McAdams), is – to say it lightly – an overbearing, bossy pain. You feel for the Gil character right from the start and wish him a happy ending.

Through all the marvellous, magical nights Gil experiences, we see a different, older world come to light, with a mixture of our current one; Watching all the happiness and mental toils Gil is experiencing along the way.

One learns to remember: No matter what decade you are in, people would still have had the same/similar daily struggles.  There is never an easy escape from life’s woes. One must embrace their present.

Overall, I’d say this is one of Allen’s best films. Well deserving of the Oscars, even if he didn’t show up to collect them. A must see.

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