I’ve always liked traveling to Windsor. Not only you have the marvelling Windsor Castle, amongst many other things to meet a tourist’s desires, but you have a selection of good restaurants as well.

My colleagues brought me over to Brown’s Restaurant yesterday evening, but realised I actually had been there once before for a large group meeting/lunch and left feeling pleased.

This restaurant is nicely situated alongside a wide canal, which always has a hoard of swans swimming or wading in the water nearby – along with the occasional ducks. During the high rain seasons, this canal floods over a bit, but only on the residential part on the other side of the bend.

If it’s not too busy, on a regular evening, you will get immediately taken to a table. Obviously, when they’re busy, you will have to wait a little bit, but there is always the very large bar area with a plethora of bar stools, counter space, or outdoor tables (heated umbrellas during colder months) to make yourself comfortable while you wait. Someone will always come and find you when your table is ready.

The servers are always friendly and have a good sense of humour, especially with a foreign crowd who mixes English words and sometimes gets in to a Lost in Translation moment. Greet them with the smile they greet you with and you will have a pleasant service.

The first time I went with a large group (approx. 30 people), we rented out the second floor, which is met with a large, twisted staircase. This large space during the daytime is extremely well lit and feels like an open space. Recommended for parties and the like.

The food during this meal was nice. I enjoyed every dish they gave me in the set meal of 4 courses. From vegetable ravioli to well cooked meat dishes, this restaurant caters to both vegan and omnivores alike.

However, when I went the last night, I didn’t know what to think. I ordered the Brown’s burger. When it came out and was placed in front of me, I was salivating as it smelled good.


This burger has a slaw, bacon strips, salsa, and two fried onions (and of course your usual lettuce and tomato). On the side, you receive separate portions of ketchup, pickles, and, of course – what’s the UK meal without – mayonnaise. If this burger didn’t have the fried onions, it would be better off, unless they fry them better. I hadn’t had a fried onion in ages and was honestly quite excited to take the first bite, but it was a bit soggy and not that warm – which surprised me, as the rest of the burger was at the perfect temperature. Maybe it’s the cold weather (if I want to play devil’s advocate).

I was pleasantly surprised to find that this burger had two patties. I missed that part when reading the menu (if you have trouble reading in dark spaces, make sure to ask for a well lit table during the evenings). I was hungry, so it hit the spot (once I removed the fried onions). The patties were juicy and cooked medium well. British meat is usually fresh and good quality, so you can usually trust to find a good burger in the UK. (However, I’ve had better than here.)

If you are looking also for just a good place for pre- or post- drinks, this place has a nice selections of beers and other alcohol that suits your fancy. Aside from the large bar space, which is a rare find for a bar in the UK, you can also select from the menu for some yummy snacks.

Overall, my experience here has been nice. I would go again, if I come back to Windsor for another trip, but there are so many reputable restaurants here that I may choose another one solely for experimentation. However, I may end up at Brown’s for a pre-drink or if I eat here again, I will be slightly more selective.


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