The first day I moved to Manchester, UK, I needed to find three things: a doctor, a place for good wine, and a Spa.  After extensive researching (online and asking around at restaurants/bars), my ‘Go-To’ Spa here is now the lovely Bali Health Lounge on George Street in Chinatown.  It doesn’t look like much when you are coming from the street, but you will be welcomed into a world of relaxation and tension ease.

This spa has a very warm feeling as soon as you walk through the doors at the top of the steps (attributed as well to the Luminesse lighting collection this spa has – the first venue to use this lighting). You have instrumental music playing overhead, fake (yet still lovely) bright yellow Laburnum trees, and comfortable seating options.  One will also always be greeted with a smile and friendly demeanour.

BaliBeginning_ESO.jpgWhen you are led into the Tea Lounge, you are asked to sit down on a plush white sofa, given a bamboo tray with slippers to change into, and offered complimentary bottled water.

Bali Health Lounge Water.jpgNext, you will be taken upstairs to wherever your treatment may lead.

BaliStairs_ESO.jpgMixing both Western and Asian treatments, this spa features a multitude of options.  Even nice day packages with a light lunch and shower (with towel) are offered (individual, couple, party, and wedding packages).  On a side note, it is apparently the norm to have a towel for an extra fee at several spas in Manchester, which I find absurd (and have never seen in any other country), but keep an eye on this feature when selecting your spa in this city, if not choosing this particular one.

On the second level, you have the Rejuvenation Lounge.  This lounge has twelve comfortable Rejuvenation Pods (each separated by string curtains), complete with built-in massaging sofa chair – which you can select 30- or 60-minute i-massages on your own relaxation time or when you are getting treatment for your feet.  There are also two stations on this level for manicures.

On the third level, you have eleven Treatment Suites.  Each with wooden flooring and sliding doors.  These rooms are very relaxing and are even equipped with unique lighting designs on the ceiling (some of the night sky and the lights are the stars, landscapes, and other various artistry).  The rooms are also always kept at a nice temperature.  You can have a massage (including those for pregnant women), facial, tanning, holistic remedies, i-Lipo, INDIBA lifting and toning, and other various body treatments on this level.  They even have treatments dedicated to men.  Some treatments, such as the i-Lipo and INDIBA treatments are offered as a one time go or in courses (i-Lipo is in multiples of 2 and INDIBA is 6 or 10 courses).  Whatever treatment you get here, you will most definitely enjoy it.  The staff have a wealth of knowledge and it shows when they are putting you at ease.  Don’t be ashamed if you fall asleep!

TeaLounge_ESO.jpgAfter your treatment has been completed, you will be escorted back in the Tea Lounge on the first level and offered a complimentary tea while you sit and relax.  You may select your tea from a wide menu, offering Black Tea (5x), Herbal/Flower Tea (8x), White Tea (2x), Puerh Tea (2x), and Green/Oolong Tea (5x).  My favourites, as I love to watch the flowers blossom within the glass tea pot provided, are the Jasmine Pearls and Flowering Osmanthus (however, some do not like the slightly bitter taste of the latter).  They also have selections of coffee and water, should you not want tea, and, for an extra fee, cakes, pastries, and snacks.  Some treatments do, however, come with a slice of cake (usually a selection of 2-3 to choose from) and tea.

Flowering Osmanthus Tea - Bali Health Lounge - ESO 2014

Flowering Osmanthus Tea – Bali Health Lounge – ESO 2014

Overall, I always leave this Spa feeling happy and relaxed.  I highly recommend going to Bali for your relaxation and health needs.

Of note: Bali Health Lounge has also been featured in VIVA, I Manchester, JetAway, TripAdvisor (4.5 stars), and many more.

Photo Credit: @eSrO_Foto

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